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Auburn Riverside Retreat has over 5,000 ft of riverfront access on the Maitland River. The mighty Maitland is a river that runs through Huron County, Perth County and Wellington County in southwestern Ontario. The river is in the Great Lakes Basin and empties into Lake Huron at the town of Goderich. It is 150 kilometres long, and is named after Sir Peregrine Maitland, Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada from 1818 to 1828. It was formerly known as the Menesetung River. It is a great place to float in a tube or canoe or to spend the day fishing or just to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

At Auburn Riverside Retreat we have tubes available for rent. All tubes come with PFDs and paddles.

Fishing Information

The main challenge to fishing in this river is the fluctuating levels of water. Sometimes you have to wait for good rains before you go fishing. Patience, whether it is waiting for the rains to fall, or patience while fishing can never go wrong in the trout game. Be prepared to wait for the right water temperatures, find the right fly or bait and your persistence will definitely be rewarded when fishing on the Maitland.

The spring Rainbow trout run is very good in this area. You may also catch returning Steelheads at the Maitland River mouth with some good worms or spawn as your bait. These Steelhead trout weigh in at about six to eight pounds. However, ten pounders are fairly common, while on the rare occasion in the right year, you may even bag one of the twenty pounders that pass through the Maitland river mouth.

Because of the size of the Steelheads, you must be appropriately equipped if you intend hauling in some of the larger fish. Choose a longer rod when fishing in a large river. A rod of around nine foot six will suit most anglers. A graphite handles are good on a longer rod which will allow you to float a jig or drift spoons early in the season. Later you can move on to roe as bait. Two-handed rods are also a good choice for Steelhead fishing in these waters.

When there are many fish biting, you will have to catch and release, so use single barbless hooks where possible and handle the fish carefully so as not to damage their skin or gills.

The Lower Maitland River Valley is part of a larger conservation area where regulations have been designed to protect the ecosystem and various rare species. This Valley plays an important role in protecting biodiversity in the Great Lakes Basin. This area is at risk as a result of the encroachment of cities and the pollution that accompanies them. If we want to continue to enjoy great trout fishing, we need to respect these attempts to preserve the best of the environment.

There are, fortunately, many other spots along the 150 kilometers of the Maitland River in superb wild and picturesque settings where you can fish according to your preference.

Fishing Licenses

You must purchase a Resident Fishing Licence unless you are under 18 or 65 years of age or older. People who are under 18 years or are 65 or older do not need a licence but have all the rights and responsibilities of people with a licence. Visitors from outside the province require a Non Resident Fishing Licence. The Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary provides information on licences, open/closed seasons and catch limits. This document is available to view at the Ministry of Natural Resources website.

Maitland River Water Levels

To view data on current water levels go to Environment Canada’s Real-Time Hydrometric Data (select Ontario and then Maintland River at Benmiller).


Experience everything

The Elk

There are wild elk available for photo shoots if you can coax them out of the shade. They will often come right up to the fence to inspect their admirers and even pose for pictures. Please keep back 3 meters from the fence.

Social Events and BBQs

We are well know for our social events (such as the vintage tractor square dance) and barbecues which take place all season long at Auburn Riverside. Check out the summer calendar for details, updates to activities are ongoing throughout the summer.

Hiking and Biking

We have endless hiking and biking trails on our 100 acre property along the river or in the forest.  There is also the Huron County hiking trails that connect Auburn and go onto Blyth, Goderich and stretch as far as the Bruce Peninsula in the Northwest and Windsor in the South. See Hike HuronMaitland TrailOntario Trails, and the hiking page at the Ontario West Coat website for more information.

Viewing Deck

The viewing deck is a 400 square foot deck overlooking the Maitland River. It is a short walk from the main road and offers a fantastic unobstructed view up and down the river valley. It is a great spot to observe wildlife such as wild bald eagles who nest in the trees along the shores.


NEW for the 2022 season! Brand new play equipment with 3 slides, a rock wall, monkey bars and more!

Games and Crafts

Games and crafts are scheduled throughout the summer usually on long weekends but there is always something for the kids to do. We are well known for our Barbecues and countless activities for adults and children.


One of our most popular amenities! We have over 5,000 ft of pristine of Maitland riverfront access. There is a variety of fish species depending on the season. Try fly fishing, shore fishing, or from a canoe!

Wagon Rides

Several wagon rides are available on the weekends which take you through the beautiful campground and close to the elk!

Horseshoe Pits

Challenge your friends to the classic outdoor game of horseshoes!


Beautiful, salt water pool close to the playground and open in summer months. 

Soccer Field

It may not be regulation size, but it does the job well to make a great game of soccer!


Perfect camping sport on our beach volleyball court.


Relax or have some splashing fun on the Maitland river! Bring your own or rent a tube from us!

Bouncy Pillow!

Enjoy our brand new bouncy pillow!

Gaga Ball Pit

Kids of all ages enjoy our Gaga Ball pit! Located on the flats!