Covid Update #4 as posted on Facebook April 3, 2020

We will now post updates on this blog for those who don’t have Facebook:

Update #4 Covid -19: As many of you are aware the essential services list has been updated and lists seasonal campgrounds as non-essential. This means we must close our doors until April 18. This news comes at the end of the work week so please give us time to get answers and clarification on specifics to this announcement from the government. I will be on conference calls with the Ontario Private Campground Association over the weekend. Please be advised that we cannot allow anyone in the park until this ban is lifted. We will not cash any seasonal payments and refunds will be only considered if the camping season is indeed delayed or cancelled. I ask for your continued patience as we comprehend this devastating news. It is our hope that you and your family are healthy and that by these necessary measures, we can get back to camping asap! If you have questions or concerns please continue to email us at info@windmillfamilycampground.com . Questions will not be answered on our public site. Kindly, Matt Den Hollander



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