Buildings and campers

What a great long weekend, despite the weather! The campground was packed, with seasonal and weekend campers. For many, it was the first look at some of the renovations. There has been so much great feedback, and we really appreciate it!

We are not done yet! We are currently tackling some of the major needs, but there is still other projects on the drawing board.

I’ve attached some photos of the buildings, but I must say it’s not the buildings that make a campground. It’s the campers. It’s work and volunteerism put on by those who love the park and want to enjoy their vacation retreat. It’s the recreation committee putting on kid’s activities, euchre games, fireworks, and bands!

On Sunday, a major storm touched down briefly on the park. What followed was campers helping campers. Neighbours checking up on neighbours safety. ¬†Everyone was lending a hand. That’s not just a campground, it’s the Windmill culture.

Its great to see a collaborative effort in full force, together making Windmill Family Campground the place to be.

  • Marg Eaton says
    May 24th, 2017 at 1:13 pm
    Hey: This past weekend was my first time out this season. But my husband had told me about ALL, the GREAT IMPROVEMENTS, that have been taking place. He thought it was AWESOME. I really didn't get to check too much out. BUT what I did see was beautiful, and so welcoming. I hope that the resident campers take care of AND RESPECT all the work that has been done, and that those just passing through, also treat and respect, ALL, the work that has been done. Hope everyone enjoys the improvements, and take care of it, AND make sure their kids are showing respect! Everything looks awesome, so nice! Thank You for all the hard work. J1

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